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Thanks for looking at our listings in The Arran Alexander Collection Bookshop., We try to stick to some simple guidelines in order to ensure all books you buy from us arrive in the condition you expect. GOOD CONDITION: The book will be clean without any major stains or markings. The spine of the book may have rubbing at the top and the base but will be intact meaning the book still has a lot of life in it, no pages will be missing, the pages may be slightly marked. It may have a name written inside. Full details will be in the description. VERY GOOD CONDITION: The book will be clean without any major stains or markings, the spine will be in excellent shape with only minor creasing and rubbing, no pages will be missing and the cover is likely to be very clean. There may be some creasing and a written name inside but this will be described in the description. EXCELLENT CONDITION: The book pretty much will look like a new book. There will be no stains or markings on the book, the cover will be clean and crisp, the book may look unread, the only marks there may be are slight bumping marks to the edges of the book where it may have been on a shelf previously. These book are fine to give as gifts. If you are not happy with the quality of your book for any reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after purchase.