A SECOND BOOK OF AESOP'S FABLES Vintage Ladybird Books 740 First Edition Matte Hardback 1974

Very good condition

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A SECOND BOOK OF AESOP'S FABLES a Vintage Ladybird Books from the Fables and Legends Series 740. First Edition Matte Hardback 1974.

"Aesop did not write down his fables. He told many people the stories and they remembered them. It was nearly 200 years later that the stories were collected together and published. The moral lessons in the tales are as true today as they were 2500 years ago."

Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd. First Edition 1974.

Language: English.

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 11.8cm.

Price: 18p Net.

Tally: 350.

Boards: Matte - Very good.

Spine: Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall: Very good condition, 9/10, pre-owned.

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