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CHARLES DARWIN Ladybird Book Lives of Great Scientists Series 708 First Edition Matte Hardback 1973

Very good condition

Product Description

CHARLES DARWIN a First Edition Ladybird Book from the Lives of Great Scientists Series 708. Matte Hardback 1973.

"Charles Darwin is respected all over the world as one of the greatest naturalists of all time.  With certain modifications his startling theories about plants and animals are now generally accepted."

Published : Ladybird Books Ltd.  First edition 1973.

Priced: 15p Net.

Tally: 320.

Boards: Matte - Very good - very light foxing mark on the back.

Spine:  Very good - small creases at the top and base.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall: Very good condition, 9/10, used,

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