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CHARLES II a Vintage Ladybird Book Adventures from History Series 561 First Edition Dust Cover 1960

Excellent book in a VG cover

Product Description

CHARLES II a Vintage First Edition Ladybird Book from the Adventures from History Series 561 in it's original dust cover 1960.

"King Charles II served England well.He founded the Royal Society,rebuilt the Navy, and by his courage and devotion helped and encouraged the people of London during the disasters of the Great Fire and the Plague."

"Because of his friendliness with people of all kinds, he is remembered as the "Merry Monarch". (From the book).

Published: Wills and Hepworth Ltd.  First edition 1960.

Priced: 2/6 Net.

Dust Jacket: Very Good - there is a little rubbing to the top and base of the spine, there are rubs on the long edges of the spine, there are small rubs at the corners, (supplied in a removable, protective, archival cover).

Boards: Matte - Excellent. 

Spine: Excellent.

Pages:  Excellent.

Overall: Very good condition, 9/10, used.

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