Fifty Protective Sleeves for Vintage Ladybird Books with Matte Finished Boards


Product information

Fifty Protective Sleeves for  Vintage Ladybird Books with Matte Finished Boards.

Keep your Vintage Ladybird Book that have Matte finished boards in excellent condition with our removable protective covers. These protective plastic sleeves will keep your books in their present condition.

The Sleeves are perfect for protecting the soft matte boards of books produced from 1965 to 1982. It allows them to be read and touched in the knowledge that they are not going to be damaged.

If your book has a loose dust cover you can protect it using one of our removable protective sleeves - CLICK HERE.

Each Cover will fit over a standard size Ladybird book.

If your book has Gloss laminated boards they are naturally hard wearing and can easily be wiped clean. These covers will fit these books but they do not generally require such protection.

Fitting is simple instructions will be supplied.

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