FIREWORKS Vintage Ladybird Book The Adventures of Wonk Series 417 Dust Cover 1948 Rare

Very good book and cover.

Product information

FIREWORKS a Vintage Ladybird Book from The Adventures of Wonk Series 417. Dust Cover 1948.

These little books each tell two short stories. They follow the adventures of a Koala Bear called WONK. They were written by Muriel Levy.

Wonk and Peter try carol singing to raise money to buy fireworks for Guy Fawkes night...........

Published:  Wills and Hepworth Ltd. This title was first published in 1941. This is a eighth edition from 1948.

Priced: 2/6p Net.

Dust Cover: Very good - there is rubbing at the top and base of the spine, there is a little paperloss at the top of the back fold, the price has been clipped out. (supplied in a removable protective cover)

Boards: Matt, Excellent.

Spine:  Excellent.

Pages: Very good - there is a small dedication written on the second page

Overall: Very good condition, 9/10, used.

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