FLIGHT a Ladybird Book Achievements Series 601 First Edition Gloss Hardback 1984

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FLIGHT a Ladybird Book from the Achievements Series 601. First Edition Gloss Hardback 1984.

"This book tells the exciting story of flight. It begins with the first "bird men," who strapped feathered wings to their arms, and it ends with the most modern jet aeroplanes. The splendid pictures and simply told story pick out all the outstanding events of this astonishing achievement of man - the conquest of the air." (from the book)

Published:  Ladybird Books Ltd. First Edition 1984.

Price: 70p Net.

Boards: Gloss, Excellent.

Spine: Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall:  Excellent condition, 10/10, pre-owned.

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