IN COMES THE TIDE Ladybird Book Picture Stories Series Gloss Hardback 1996

Excellent condition

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IN COMES THE TIDE a Ladybird Book from the Picture Stories Series. Gloss Hardback 1996

"Stories are an ideal way to encourage children's love of books. Appealing and full of fun, titles from Ladybird's Picture stories are perfect for reading aloud and sharing with your child."

"In comes the tide. Out goes the tide. It brings wondrous things, thunderous things. Silver and gold, new things and old. Splashing and crashing, ebbing and flowing. Changing, rearranging, coming and going. In comes the tide. Out goes the tide."

By Colin and Valerie King.

Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd (1996).

Language: English.

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 11.8cm. 

Boards: Excellent - Gloss.

Spine: Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall: Excellent condition, 10/10, used.

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