NATURES ROUNDABOUT Ladybird Book Conservation Series 727 Matte Hardback 1984

Very good condition

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NATURES ROUNDABOUT a Ladybird Book from the Conservation Series 727. Matte Hardback 1980.

An introduction to Ecology.

"This balance of nature is both a subtle and complex thing. Ever since man started to farm and hunt, he has disturbed it and turned it to his own advantage. The present scale of the disturbance makes it imperative that we understand more about this balance and take steps to restore it where possible."

Published:  Ladybird Books Ltd., First published in 1980, this edition was sold around 1984.

Priced: 70p Net.

Boards: Matte, Very good.

Spine:  Very good - slight fading.

Pages:  Excellent.

Overall: Very good condition, 9/10, used.

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