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New KING JOHN & THE MAGNA CARTA 100th Anniversary Ladybird Book History 561 Dust Cover 2015

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Product Description

KING JOHN AND THE MAGNA CARTA - a Ladybird Book from the Adventures from History Series 561 with a Dust Cover published in 2015.

The Ladybird Book about King John and the Magna Carta is a gem from the Ladybird vintage archive.

First published in 1969, this is a classic Ladybird hardback book, packed with information about one of the most important moments in the history of English-speaking people. This new edition, published to mark 800 years since the Magna Carta, is exactly the same as the original, with a dust jacket and beautifully reproduced images.

The story of King John and the momentous events he saw take place over his reign are illustrated with twenty-four beautiful full-page pictures.

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