NEW BOOK - BEDTIME a Ladybird Book from The Ladybird Toddler Touch Series Board Book 2012

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NEW BOOK - BEDTIME a Ladybird Book from The Toddler Touch Series Board Book 2012.

Board Book
Ladybird Books Ltd.
Publication Date:
05 July 2012.
ISBN: 1409312860

Dimensions: 255 x 180 mm

Description - Ladybird's Toddler Touch books stimulate your busy toddler's curiosity through simple rhyming text, touch-and-feels and flaps, as they begin to explore the wider world around them. Instigating a familiar routine helps to structure a young child's day and adds a sense of reassurance and stability as they begin to remember what comes next. 

Toddler Touch - Bedtime is designed to familiarise toddlers with a practical, reassuring bedtime routine, helping them to wind down and prepare for bed in a fun, interactive way. Each page focuses on a different part of the bedtime routine, from bathtime and putting on night clothes to brushing teeth, putting toys away and listening to a story before being tucked up tight. The book has sturdy tabbed edges for helping to turn the pages, and is full of things to touch and feel, including finger trails to follow throughout, holes to peek through and flaps to lift. It's great fun for an adult and child to share at the end of a busy day

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GTIN 1409312860
Brand Penguin
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