New CINDERELLA 50th Anniversary a Ladybird Book Well Loved Tales Series 606d Dust Cover 2013

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CINDERELLA - a Ladybird Book from the Well Loved Tales Series 606d with a Dust Cover published in 2013.

This special anniversary edition is published by Ladybird Books Ltd and has been issued to look exactly the same as the original books which were published in 1964 complete with a dust cover.

This title is the most popular Ladybird Book of all.

Vera Southgate retells this classic fairy tale.

The book was illustrated by Eric Winter and is sometimes referred to as the "Three Dresses" book because Cinderella visits the ball three times. First in a pink ball-gown, then in a blue ball-gown, and lastly in a white with gold lace ball-gown.

Published: Ladybird Books Ltd. First published in 1964, this is an anniversary edition and was published on 3rd October 2013.
(Cinderella was the only book in the Well Loved Tales Series 606d that were issued with a dust cover.)

"First published in 1964, Well-loved Tales: Cinderella is surely one of the most beloved of all Ladybird books. The evocative illustrations of Cinderella in her beautiful ball gowns, the fairy godmother, the stepsisters and the handsome prince are fondly remembered by many and it remains a childhood favourite."

"Now, the original Well-loved Tales: Cinderella has been reissued to mark the fiftieth anniversary of its first publication. With text by Vera Southgate and the same beautiful Eric Winter illustrations as everyone remembers, this classic Ladybird book is now available for a new generation to treasure."

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