OOR WULLIE ANNUAL 2000 DC Thomson A4 Gloss Paperback

Excellent condition

Product information

OOR WULLIE ANNUAL 2000 from DC Thomson an A4 sized Gloss Paperback.

Oor Wullie is a Scottish comic strip published in the DC Thomson newspaper, THE SUNDAY POST. It features a boy named William, known as Wullie. His trademarks are spiky hair, dungarees and an upturned bucket, which he often uses as a seat. Indeed, most strips since early 1937 begin and end with a single panel of Wullie sitting on his bucket.

Publisher: D C Thomson; 2000 edition.

Language:  Scottish.

Cover: Excellent.

Spine: Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall condition:  Excellent, Used, 10/10.

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Brand DC Thomson
Condition Used
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