THE DA DOO WAH WOOF SONG Tweenies Ready to Play Gloss Hardback 2002

Excellent condition

Product information

THE DA DOO - WAH WOOF SONG a Tweenies Ready to Play Book. Gloss Hardback 2002.

"The Tweenies won't let Doodles join their Tweenies band. doodles is disappointed but then he discovers why when the band wakes him up with a lovely surprise."

Publisher: BBC Worldwide 2002.

Language: English.

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 11.8cm. 

Boards: Excellent, Gloss. 

Spine: Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall: Excellent condition, 10/10 Used.

Technical specifications

GTIN 9780563491019
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Brand BBC Worldwide
Condition Used
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