THE LORD'S PRAYER Ladybird Book Religious Topics Series 612 Gloss Hardback 1984

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THE LORD'S PRAYER a Ladybird book from the Religious Topics Series 612 Gloss Hardback 1984

"Most children learn the Lord's Prayer either at home or at school. However, this is not an easy prayer for a child to understand, and many repeat it parrot-fashion and without comprehension."

"This book is carefully planned (with simple text and beautiful illustrations) to explain the Lord's Prayer in terms of a child's own experiences, so that in future the prayer can have a personal meaning."

"Every child will also enjoy - and easily memorise - the additional simple prayers which are included in this book.

Compiled by Hilda Rostron, the author of several Ladybird religious books, and illustrated by top Ladybird artist, Harry Wingfield."

Published: Ladybird Books Ltd. First published in 1961, this edition is from around 1984.

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