THE SECRET GARDEN Vintage Ladybird Book Children's Classics Series Matte Hardback 1981

Excellent condition

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THE SECRET GARDEN a Vintage Ladybird Book from the Children's Classics Series Matte Hardback 1981.

"This is a retelling of the classic story by Frances Burnett. Children love secrets of any kind and secret places have a special fascination for them. The Secret Garden has, with it's charm and freshness continued to appeal to children of all ages."

Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd. First published in 1980. This edition was sold around 1981.

Language: English.

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 11.8cm.

Boards: Matte - Excellent - clean and bright

Spine: Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall: Excellent condition, 10/10, pre-owned.

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