THE STORY OF PRINTING Vintage Ladybird Book Achievements Series 601 Matte Hardcover 1973

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THE STORY OF PRINTING a Vintage Ladybird Book from the Achievements Series 601. Matte Hardcover 1973.

"This beautifully illustrated book gives the whole fascinating history of printing as a means of mass communication. It describes how early man with no more than wood and stone to work with, left his messages for future generations to read.It brings us right up to date with a brief explanation of how ladybird books were printed from one single sheet. Whether you are young or old it is a story well worth reading."

Published : Ladybird Books Ltd. First published in 1970. This edition is from around 1973.

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Tally: 330.

Boards: Matte - Very good - very small rubs at the corners.

Spine:  Very good - very small rubs at the top and at the base.

Pages:  Excellent.

Overall:  Very good condition, 9/10, pre-owned.

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