THE STORY OF SHIPS a Vintage Ladybird Book Achievement Series 601 Matte Hardback 1973

Very good condition

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THE STORY OF SHIPS a Vintage Ladybird Book from the Achievement Series 601. Matte Hardback 1973.

"This Ladybird book tells the story of ships - from the first rough dug-out canoe of primitive man, to the modern passenger liner, cargo ship and nuclear-powered submarine. The wonderful colourful pictures include the majestic vessels of the great days of sail."

"This is a book to thrill the heart of every boy and girl."

Published: Ladybird Books Ltd. First published in 1961 this edition is from around 1973.

Price: 18p net, revised twice.

Tally: 320.

Boards: Matte - Very good - small crease at the bottom corner on the back.

Spine:  Excellent.

Pages: Excellent.

Overall: Very good condition, 9/10, pre-owned.

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